Township Engineer

Article XII, Section 1201 of the 2nd Class Township Code grants the Board of Supervisors the authority to appoint an individual or firm as the Township Engineer.

Daniel C. Baker Associates, Inc. currently serves as the Township Engineer and is a professional consulting firm of engineers, surveyors and technicians that provide engineering, surveying, planning and sewage enforcement services to Daugherty Township. The firm was established in 1890 by Michael Baker, Sr., Civil Engineer and Surveyor, continued as Daniel C. Baker, Consulting Engineer and Registered Surveyor from 1940 to 1977 and then incorporated that year as Daniel C. Baker Associates, Inc., Consulting Engineers, Surveyors and Planners.

As Township Engineer, Daniel C. Baker Associates, Inc. has many duties and responsibilities including but not limited to the following:


    • Water Distribution Planning and Design
    • Sanitary Sewer Planning (Act 537) Design
    • Infiltration/Inflow Studies
    • Pavement Design and Management
    • Public Infrastructure Planning and Design
    • Stormwater Management Site Development
    • Subdivision and Land Development Plan Reviews
    • Traditional and GPS Surveying
    • Boundary and Property Surveys
    • Topographic Surveys
    • Construction Stake Out
    • Permitting (PaDOT, PaDEP, etc.)
    • CADD/Information Technology

Daniel C. Baker Associates, Inc.

6056 Tuscarawas Road
Beaver, PA 15009
Phone: 724.495.7020
FAX:   724.495.2594



    • Daniel C. Baker, Jr., PE, PLS, Chairman of the Board – Email
    • Craig A. Baker, PE, PLS, President – Email
    • Karen Hicks, Secretary-Treasurer – Email

Engineering Staff

    • F. Thomas Zeglin, PE, Engineering Manager – Email
    • Timothy Schutzman, PE, Project Engineer – Email

Surveying Staff

    • Michael J. Zilka, Sr., PLS – Email
    • Jim Puskar – Email
    • Jeff Stewart – Email
    • Robert O Neal, PLS – Email
    • James Platz Jr – Email
    • Roger Synder – Email

Technical/Support Staff

    • Matthew Ford, Senior CAD Technician – Email
    • Bruce Webb, CAD Technician – Email
    • Michael Groves, Sewage Enforcement Officer – Email
    • Ron Robinson, Assistant Sewage Enforcement Officer – Email
    • Carmen Fox, Secretary – Email