Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. Please contact us if you have a questions not answered below.

What Building Code does Daugherty Township enforce?

Daugherty Township currently enforces the 2009 International Codes Council (ICC) series of Codes. See the following list for a complete listing of codes. Daugherty Township adopted these Codes by reference (§ 64 of the Code of the Township of Daugherty), pursuant to Act 45 of 1999 which required a Uniform Construction Code (UCC) for Pennsylvania.

    • International Building Code
    • International Residential Code
    • International Fire Code
    • International Mechanical Code
    • International Plumbing Code
    • International Electrical Code
    • International Energy Conservation Code
    • International Fuel Gas Code
    • International Existing Building Code

What is the difference between a Zoning Permit and Building Permits?

A Building Permit is a permit issued under the Uniform Construction Code (UCC) of Pennsylvania in accordance with Act 45 of 1999 which adopted by reference the International Codes published by the International Code Council (ICC). This set of codes is revised every three (3) years. The current code in effect is the 2009 International Code. This type of permit is required for new construction or structural changes and/or modifications to to existing structures, including but not limited to, residential dwellings, public and private swimming pools, decks, porch roofs, commercial buildings, and signs.

A Zoning Permit is a permit issued in accordance with the Township Zoning Ordinance, § 175 of the Code of the Township of Daugherty. Zoning approval is required for any change in land use or modification or expansion to any structure. A Zoning Permit is the minimum permit required prior to development or use of a property.

Am I required to obtain a building permit for a swimming pool (in-ground or above ground)?

Yes. All swimming pools that can contain water that is over 24 inches in depth require a Building Permit prior to installation. All swimming pools of this nature are considered permanent and must meet all code provisions regardless of whether they are inflatable or portable. Swimming Pools that can contain under 24 inches of water are exempt from all permit requirements.

Am I required to get a permit for a deck, shed, addition to a home or a porch?

Yes, with the following stipulations; Decks that are over 30 inches in height, measured from grade level to walking surface on the deck are required to have a Building Permit. Decks that are under 30 inches in height, measured from grade level to walking surface are required to have a Zoning Permit. Sheds, detached garages and accessory buildings that are over 1,000 square feet are required to have a Building Permit, while sheds detached garages and accessory buildings under 1,000 square feet only need a Zoning Permit. All additions and porches with roofs attached to a dwelling require a Building Permit. 

Are permits required for finishing a basement?

Permits are required for finishing basements only when structural changes are being made. Structural changes include the installation of doors, walls (load bearing or non-load bearing), windows and the creation of rooms. Permits are not needed if the only improvements are installing carpeting, lighting, painting or other non-structural changes. When permits are required, the code calls for a required exit directly from the basement area. Call to speak to our Building Inspector for further details at 1-800-662-6342. 

Does a fence or children’s play-set require a permit?

Yes and no. Fences require the issuance of a Zoning Permit. Fences must meet set back requirements and cannot be installed in easements, rights of way or in a manner that will interfere with vehicle site distance on roads. Play-sets are not regulated by the Township Zoning Ordinance or Building Codes.

What is the required handrail height for a deck, balcony, or porch?

The International Residential Code requires a 36 inch guardrail height for porches, decks, or balconies on residential structures. 

How can I find out a zoning district for a particular property?

Daugherty Township will provide a hard copy of the zoning map to the public through the Township Office or you may view an electronic version by logging on to our web site at under the drop down menu “Maps” on the home page. There is a normal reproduction cost for hard copies. 

What does PRD mean?

A PRD is an abbreviation for Planned Residential Development. PRD is a process in which a developer master plans a housing development pursuant to the Township Zoning Ordinance. PRD design guidelines require the retention of open space for the benefit of the residents within the plan as well as those who reside outside the plan. 

Do plans for a new house or addition have to be prepared and sealed by an architect or engineer?

No, not typically. However, there is a provision in the Building Code that requires non-typical construction to have a professional seal. An example of this would be if the proposed project involves living space located directly underneath a garage. 

Can I have horses on my property?

Livestock and farm animals are permitted in the R-1, C-2 and S-U zoning districts. All livestock is limited to one animal unit per acre, with an animal unit defined as one-thousand (1000) pounds. 

Who does the electrical inspections in Daugherty Township?

Electrical inspections are performed by Daugherty Township’s 3rd party contractor, Middle Department Inspection Agency. Inspections are performed after the applicant receives a permit for the intended work. Call to speak to our Building Inspector for further details at 1-800-662-6342. 

Is the burning of household trash in a proper burn barrel considered open burning?

While the burning of trash in a burn barrel is not considered open burning, the practice of burning one’s household garbage/trash is not allowed. 

When was the Daugherty Township Zoning Ordinance adopted?

The first ordinance was adopted in the 1967. Recent major revisions were made in 1992 and 2008. The Zoning Ordinance is revised periodically. The latest version is posted on the Township website. 

What Township Ordinances regulate development?

Development is regulated by all Township Codes and Ordinances, but specifically, the Daugherty Township Subdivision/Land Ordinance (§ 148 of the Code of the Township of Daugherty), the Zoning Ordinance (§ 175 of the Code of the Township of Daugherty), Stormwater Management Ordinance (§ 143 of the Code of Daugherty Township), Grading Ordinance (§ 88 of the Code of the Township of Daugherty) and Mobile Homes (§ 148 of the Code of the Township of Daugherty) provide the basis for development standards and requirements. Updated versions are posted on our website. 

What are the regulations for a septic system and who enforces them?

On-lot septic systems are regulated by the Pennsylvania State Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and Daugherty Township through § 129 of the Code of the Township of Daugherty. Each municipality in the State is required to employ or contract with a DEP licensed Sewage Enforcement Officer (SEO) for enforcement of the DEP and Township regulations. The Daugherty Township SEO is Michael Groves with the firm of Daniel C. Baker Associates. Michael can be reached at 724-495-7020 X 15. 

What buildings require sprinkler systems for fire suppression?

The International Building Code stipulates which buildings are required to have any kind of fire protection or detection systems depending on type of construction, square footage of the structure and type of use or occupancy. 

How can I find out if the Zoning Ordinance allows my business or use on a property with a building?

§ 175-19 of the Township Zoning Ordinance (§ 175 of the Code of the Township of Daugherty) provides a use chart with the particular uses and the applicable zoning districts. This use chart is located at the end of the zoning ordinance. 

Does Daugherty Township regulate signs?

Yes. Article VIII (§ 175-44 — § 175-49) of the Zoning Ordinance provides the Township sign regulations.

Does the Township have the Building Codes available to view?

Yes. An electronic copy of the International Codes can be viewed at the Township Office during regular business hours. 

How much will my building permit cost?

Fees for building permits are identified in the Township Fee Resolution which can be viewed on the Township web site or at the Township Office. All Township fees are identified therein. 

Who performs plumbing inspections?

Inspections for plumbing are administered by the Middle Department Inspection Agency. Call to speak to our Building Inspector for further details at 1-800-662-6342. 

Do I need to have a building permit prior to starting building construction or alterations?

Yes. You must obtain the necessary permits and approvals prior to starting construction. Always check with the Zoning and Codes Enforcement Officer first at 724-846-5337. 

Do I need a permit to construct a new driveway onto my property?

Yes. Driveway/Road Occupancy Permits are reviewed and issued by the Zoning and Codes Enforcement Officer and Township Engineer. You are not required to obtain a permit if you are simply resealing an existing driveway. 

Do I need a copy of the survey of my property for a permit to construct a shed, deck, pool, or addition?

Yes. You need to submit a copy of a survey showing the proposed location of the structure you are building. For sheds, additions, decks, and pools, it does not have to be an original survey. 

How can I get an application for a building permit?

You can always stop at the Township Office, we can fax it or mail it to you, or if you’d like, all of our applications are available for printing from our web site. 

How much notice do I need to give for an inspection for my building permit?

We require notification 24 hours prior to the date the inspection is needed. Call to leave a message with our Building Inspector at 1-800-662-6342. 

How long does it take to get a building permit?

It usually takes three – five business days after receipt of your complete permit application, depending upon how many applications are in the queue. If additional information is required, the time to receive the permit grows accordingly. 

Do I need to pay for a permit when I drop off the application?

No. Payment is not needed until you are notified to pick up the permit. 

How many sets of plans do I need to submit with my building permit application?

You will need to submit 2 sets of plans for a residential building permit application, and 3 for non-residential building permit applications. 

Can I fax my building permit application to you?

Yes. Be sure that the plans for your submittal are legible and that all information is filled in on the application. Our fax number is (724) 846-6481. 

When do the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisor’s hold their Regular Meetings?

The Planning Commission Regular Meeting is held the first Thursday of the month at 7:00 P.M. The Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting is held the second Wednesday of the month at 7:00 P.M. . Please check our web site for the actual dates as they may change in the event the Regular Meeting dates conflict with a legal holiday. All meetings will are held in the Township Meeting Room located in the Township Municipal Building located at 2182 Mercer Road. 

Who do I contact regarding a Fire Code question?

Call to speak to our Building Inspector for further details at 1-800-662-6342. 

How do I calculate my local real estate tax?

The millage rate in Daugherty Township is 8.5 mills. You can find your assessed valuation by contacting the Daugherty Township Office or the Beaver County Assessment Office. Once you acquire these numbers you can calculate your tax obligation through the following formula: Millage Rate x (Assessed Land + Assessed Building)= Tax Rate.

If your property is assessed at 50,000 you would pay $425.00 in Local Real-Estate Tax to Daugherty Township.
8.5 mills or (.0085) X 50,000 = $425.00

Where is the district magistrate located?

District Court 36-3-01 is located in New Brighton at 513 11th Street, across from the Post Office. 

When is leaf collection?

Leaf collection runs from the last week of October to the first full week of December. Weather permitting!  Leaf piles that contain garbage, grass clippings, brush and/or tree branches WILL NOT be collected. The following is the daily collection schedule. Residents are advised to have their leaves piled near the edge of the road the day before your scheduled pick-up.

Mondays: William Penn Way & Crescent Heights Plan, Rt. 65 (from Valley Avenue to Stuber Road), North Ave., Franklin Plan and McGuire Street.
Tuesdays: Gulbransen Heights Plan, Daugherty Highlands Plan and Hillcrest Drive.
Wednesdays: Mercer Heights Plan, Klein Plan, Stuber Road, McCreary Plan, Cardinal Drive, Robin Trail and Rt. 65 (from Stuber Road to Wises Grove Road)
Thursdays: Allendale Road, Wallace Drive, Harold Street, Inman Drive, Hogue Drive and John Street

Does the Township pick up brush?


Does the Township pick up Christmas trees?

No. Residents are advised to dispose of them through their contracted garbage hauler or to burn them during authorized times.  

Who do I contact to report a road maintenance problem?

If you encounter a problem along a Township road please contact the Township Office at (724) 846-5337. If you encounter a problem on a State road, please contact PennDOT at 1-800-FIX-ROAD. 

Who can I contact to get a PennDOT Highway Occupancy Permit?

You can contact the Permitting Department of PennDOT Maintenance District 11-2 by calling (724) 774-6610. 

Who provides police service to Daugherty Township?

The New Brighton Area Police Department provides 24 hour contractual service to Daugherty Township for police services. If you need to report an emergency, call 911. For non-emergency calls, please call 724-846-2277. 

Where can I get a license for my cat or dog?

You can obtain a license for your animal at the Beaver County Treasures Office in the Beaver County Courthouse. License applications are also available at the New Brighton Area Police Department located in the New Brighton Borough Building at 610 Third Avenue. 

What is the cost for a copy of a police report?

Police reports are available at the New Brighton Area Police Department. The cost of a police report is $15.00, and must be paid when the report is obtained.