Board of Supervisors

Daugherty Township is governed by an elected body organized under the Second Class Township Code of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The elected body is called the Board of Supervisors and consists of three (3) elected officials, each serving a six (6) year term.

The Board of Supervisors Regular Meeting is held the second Wednesday of every month at 6:00 PM at the Daugherty Township Municipal Building.

Board of Supervisors members can be reached by contacting the Township Offices at (724) 846-5337 or by mail at 2182 Mercer Road, New Brighton, PA 15066.



William L. Pasquale, Jr., Chairman
Term Expires  December 31, 2025

Gregory Debo, Vice Chairman
Term Expires December 31, 2027

Steve Balik, Supervisor
Term Expires December 31, 2029